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Video Projects

Editor, Director, Producer

move (title tentative)

An experimental love letter to travel and family featuring archival home video and stop-motion pixelation.

Experimental Video


An experiment in relationships and identity.

Experimental Video

All For Nothing

A therapeutic experiment after a difficult change and loss in my life.

Experimental Video

Paranormal Paramour

Love story featuring a punk teen, her love interest from afar, and her demon companion.

Don't Blink Media

Scene from Babylon

Final scene for Babylon.

Directing Actors for Screen

Camera Rehearsal: The Talented Mr. Ripley

Rehearsal scene for The Talented Mr. Ripley.

Directing Actors for Screen

Accessibility in New York City's Subway System

Interview edited during my summer internship with Welcome Change Productions.

Welcome Change Productions

Love In Spite

Experimental film about queer and trans love in spite of legal attacks on queer and trans rights.

Women Experimental Filmmakers

College: The Experience of a Lifetime: A Video Scrapbook

Mockumentary about a goose obsessed campus and cult-like behavior.


Never Really Go Away

Drama about friendship and betrayal.

Intro to Video Production

Dungeons & Dragons: Why We Play

Dungeons & Dragons documentary

Intro to Video Production

The Thief

Silent chase scene

Intro to Video Production
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